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Qisvara is a song. It’s also an art project, as well as a 5-year story in the making. But labeling Qisvara as any one thing by itself wouldn’t be an accurate depiction of its true spirit… because Qisvara is you. It’s me. It’s all of us. Qisvara celebrates the things that we all have in common, as our differences. But what Qisvara really is at its core, is a simple reminder that the age-old narrative that many of us have become so accustomed to – that we are powerless … is truly a myth.


Qisvara is born of an optimistic vision of the future, in which we shed our antiquated prejudices, and stand united, so that we can address our world’s impending ethical, societal and ecological difficulties, together. The time is NOW for a dramatic global shift in not just our thinking, but also, our acceptance of those who are different than us. 


We will evolve. We have to. This is what Qisvara is about. 

Qisvara is a word made up from two separate words. The word “Qi” is of Chinese origin, and means “the vital life-force that flows through all living things.” The word “Svara” is the ancient Indian concept about the complete dimension of musical pitch. In the general sense “Svara” means tone and applies to chanting and singing.  


In the quest for the perfect name, we felt very drawn to both of these ideas, and decided that there weren’t really any rules that were keeping us from combining the two. Plus, it’s hard to find a known word these days that hasn’t already been used for something.

Qisvara is pronounced “kees-vara.” Say it three times fast. ?

The idea behind Qisvara, is to feature thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands of people, from all walks of life, and from all over the globe, singing together in solidarity on one song. This sends out a powerful message to the world, to our leaders, and to anyone who would argue that we are not stronger together than we are separately. 

This is the kind of symbolism that we need now, more than ever, in a world that is perpetually torn apart by those who would keep us divided in order to exert their power over us.

Our primary goal is to demonstrate to the world, the intrinsic beauty that our species is capable of when we put our differences aside, in lieu a greater cause. Our hope is that by accomplishing this tremendous musical feat, that we inspire millions of others to take action; in their personal lives, their communities, and perhaps, beyond… 

(We’ve been shooting extensive video footage of Qisvara’s 5 year creation process for a full length documentary at the end of the project)

Qisvara is in its 6th year. Our objective in 2020 is to record as many new voices as possible in order to create the biggest collective “world choir” on any one song ever recorded. In order to do this though, we need to change our approach from individual, one-person-at-a-time recordings (which is how we started), to larger group recordings. Group recordings are the only way we can make the best use of our time, and reach our ambitious (but achievable!) goals. That being said, we’re still accepting individual recordings (for the time being), because every voice still counts!

Qisvara isn’t just a song, it’s an idea… and ideas change the world on a daily basis. If you don’t believe us, then take a look around you. Everything manmade that you see, from the clothes you’re wearing, to airplanes in the sky… heck even the device you’re reading this on, was born from someone’s “crazy” idea. All things must start somewhere, and if we can inspire the world to move forward in a positive way because of our crazy idea, then we’ve succeeded.


Obviously, the more voices we collect, the more epic this project becomes in terms of its sheer size, but whatever number we end up with by the end of 2020, is absolutely okay with us. The whole point of Qisvara is to celebrate life, and isn’t necessarily about a reaching a specific number. That being said, we’d LOVE to record 50,000 voices or more. This, of course, would only be humanly possible by recording big groups of people at a time.

Upon completion, the final version of Qisvara will be presented to the world as a gift, free of charge, via the internet (YouTube, Vimeo, iTunes, etc.) Also, our plan is to compile a full-length documentary of the song’s six-year creation process from the extensive video footage we’ve accrued, and which will (hopefully) be available through popular video distribution platforms like Netflix, Amazon and so on. 


Right now, no-where. Qisvara is a work in progress, and we’ve only released short clips of the song so that people can get a general idea of what it’s about. It would completely defeat the purpose of the entire project to prematurely release a working draft into the wild, because the full impact of the finished version would be severely impaired by doing so. In the mean-time, you can hear a snippet of the chorus (the part where everyone sings @ 2:06) in the main video on the front page of this website.

It goes without saying that networking with as many people as possible is a crucial element in making a project like this a success. Qisvara is a grassroots project, and we could really use your help spreading the word! However, there’s a lot of noise on the internet these days, so it’s really easy for posts to get lost on social media platforms. We’ve never really had much success with that particular approach, so it’s super important to contact people directly if you want to get any traction. That being said, social media is still a thing, so please share us with your friends there as well. 

If you would like to help promote Qisvara by being a part of our street team, contact us so that we can send you a box of flyers to distribute around your city. 

We’ve also partnered with which is a membership platform that provides ways for creators (like us) to build relationships with supporters (like you) and provide exclusive experiences to our subscribers. For a minimum of a dollar a month, we’re offering access to our members-only area of this website, which will provide you with a behind-the-scenes look into our lives, the project, and a bunch of never-before-seen content. Your subscription will go towards completing the project in 2021! Thank you for your support from the bottom of our hearts!!!

If you aren’t sure how to record yourself, then you might want to reach out to someone that you know, locally, who might know a thing or two about audio recording technology. We’ve tried to make the instructions as easy to understand as possible (in the ‘submit your vocals’ section of this website), but unfortunately, we aren’t able to provide additional technical support, as we do not have the manpower to do so, currently.


Alternatively, there are thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of video tutorials on YouTube that can probably steer you in the right direction. Make sure to do a search there before you give up! We still very much want you to be a part of the project! We believe in you!